"An offer by JetBlue Airways to test the CAPPS II internal border control system has been accepted by the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration," privacy activist Bill Scannell writes.Scannell has more info on his website. Wired News has a story on it, too. Yikes.THERE'S MORE: Scannell writes, "In September of 2002, JetBlue Airways secretly gave the Transportation Security Administration the full travel records of 5 million JetBlue customers. This sensitive travel data was then turned-over to a private security contractor for analysis, the results of which were presented at a security conference earlier this year and then posted on the Internet."AND MORE: "JetBlue Airways began sending out apologetic e-mails Thursday to customers who are infuriated that the airline gave 5 million passenger records to a defense contractor investigating national security issues," according to Wired News.

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