General Wesley Clark is a hot topic in the chat rooms and clubhouses of Democratic politics, where pundits and activists are working themselves into a lather, debating his possible presidential candidacy. More than $1 million and 13,000 volunteers have been pledged as part of an online movement to draft General Clark, the former NATO supreme commander and CNN military analyst, to enter the 2004 race.But today, General Clark wants to talk about bicycles.The retired general has been devoting much of his time to running a company making a new kind of electric motor that does not require gears or a transmission, but uses computer algorithms to maximize torque and efficiency.The company, WaveCrest Laboratories of Dulles, Va., hopes to put these motors into hybrid gas-electric cars or even hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars one day. But for now, WaveCrest is focused on bikes.My New York Times article has more.

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