The country is still shockingly vulnerable to terror attacks, this expose shows."For a second year, U.S. government screeners have failed to detect a shipment of depleted uranium in a container sent by ABC News from overseas as part of a test of security at American ports. "The Feds are "considering criminal charges" against the reporters who pulled this off, according to the Associated Press.THERE'S MORE: Blogger James Rummel wasn't too happy with the original headline for this post -- REPORTERS SMUGGLE URANIUM INTO U.S.

We are, of course, dealing with the depleted variety. The stuff that's so low in radioactivity that it's actually used as radiation shielding... Wouldn't know it by the headline, though. I suppose it's all part of the "If it bleeds..." school of journalism. If you don't "sex up" the story then I suppose that no one would be interested in reading what you wrote.
While I don't agree with the last statement, his first is spot on, and I've changed the headline.
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