Scientists: looking to get your work funded by the government? Then you better make damn sure to connect it somehow to defense or homeland security."The House has allocated more than $125 billion in fiscal 2004 for federal research and development efforts, an $8.4 billion increase over current funding," Global Security Newswire notes. "Of that $8.4 billion increase, however, 99 percent is set to go to the Pentagon, Homeland Security and the NIH (National Institutes of Health)."The analysis is taken from an American Association for the Advancement of Science report, released yesterday.According to the report, the Homeland Security department will get about a $1 billion in R&D money -- an increase of 60 percent or so. But that's peanuts compared to the Pentagon's research budget: $66 billion in fiscal 2004, an increase of more than $7 billion from this year.The Newswire says that "most of the additional funding will go toward Pentagon weapons development programs, such as missile-defense efforts."

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