Plain ol' hand guns, firing one bullet at a time, can be plenty deadly. So imagine how dangerous a new gun capable of firing up to 600,000 rounds per minute could be. The Daily Standard looks at this fearsome new weapon, "Metal Storm."The gun would be more than just a way to mow down enemy troops, the Standard says. Metal Storm's hail of bullets could one day replace landmines as a defensive measure. Or the gun could be placed on unmanned combat vehicles, for ultra-precise robotic strikes. Yikes.THERE'S MORE: "Oh, sure, (Metal Storm) is a neato idea. But I'm hard pressed to find a use for the system except as a curiousity," says James Rummel."Those pesky Australians have been trying to market their system for some time now," he writes. "The main problem with the system is that it increases the maintenance load, expense and complexity over conventional weapon systems without offering any significant advantage. Sure, they put out a lot of lead in a short period of time, but there's not many jobs that need that kind of blizzard that can't be done with the guns that we already have."

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