In March, Energy Department officials promised to follow up on allegations of lax security at Sandia National Laboratories, one of the country's most important military research centers. Senate Finance Committee chairman Charles Grassley says the Department has welched on that promise.The New York Times reports:

The two investigators who raised questions about security at Sandia, Pat O'Neill and Mark Ludwig, say they were transferred from an office building to a rodent-infested trailer, reassigned to noninvestigative work, and had their annual raises reduced, Mr. Grassley said.The laboratory commissioned a former United States attorney, Norman Bay, to investigate problems. Mr. Grassley quoted from a summary of that report, which he received from the Energy Department. (He said he had obtained the whole report with difficulty but agreed to keep it secret.)The letter from Mr. Grassley said the report covered investigations of 5 of 100 security problems identified by Mr. O'Neill and Mr. Ludwig.
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