Scientists have a pretty good idea how wind rushes in between mountains, and over the plains. But the paths air takes in the urban canyons of New York City are more of a mystery.So researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plan to put wind monitors on rooftops throughout Midtown Manhattan and the West Village -- just down the street from Defense Tech world headquarters.Supposedly, this Urban Atmospheric Observatory project will boost terrorism preparedness in the City. Figuring out how air flows should help determine where to put radiation detectors and air filters, like the ones being used in Tom Ridge's "Bio-Watch" initiative.Once the sensors are in place this summer, the Daily News reports, scientists plan to release harmless gases in Manhattan and use the devices to track them.Why the West Vilage? The Daily News calls my former neighborhood a "potential terrorist target." Maybe -- if the bad guys are looking to disrupt the City's supply of antiques and men's bikini briefs.

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