Marines fighting around Baghdad are "starting to doubt the seriousness of the chem-bio (weapon) threat," and are sick of wearing the suits designed to protect them against such dangers, according to Army Times.It's been widely reported that the MOPP ("Mission-Oriented, Protective-Posture") gear makes the desert heat even worse. What's less known is how the clumsy, charcoal-lined suits are turning relatively routine acts into major productions."The Marines’ trousers don’t even have a zipper, turning a simple bathroom break into a nightmare of untucking and unbuckling," the paper says.

During an artillery mission (outside Baghdad on) April 4, while grabbing for a 100-pound shell from the dirty bed of his ammo truck, the corporal’s slick (MOPP) rubber boots lost traction. In the middle of a combat operation, the Marine fell four feet to the ground, breaking his right leg in two places and prompting an immediate ground medevac.“It sucks to lose a corporal, period,” said 1st Lt. Ty Yount, 26, executive officer for Battery M, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, whose Marine fell from the truck. “But to lose one like that, out here, that just makes it worse.”
The grunts have been wearing the MOPP gear pretty much non-stop since the invasion of Iraq began, nearly three weeks ago.
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