Turn on the tube, and the only drones you'll see operating in Iraq are the Predators and Global Hawks. But there are at least ten different types of unmanned planes being used by the U.S. military in Gulf War II, according to Aviation Week.Drones listed by the Pentagon included the Army's Hunter, Pointer and Shadow; the Marine Corps' Dragon Eye and Pioneer; and the Air Force's Force Protection Surveillance System, Global Hawk and Predator. The brand-new Silver Fox, first reported here, was not mentioned.In Afghanistan, only three types of drones were used.THERE'S MORE: "In the Army of the future, a (3000-5000 person) brigade would bring to the battle no less than 200 unmanned aircraft, ranging from small platoon-class vehicles to larger, high-endurance aircraft equipped with heat-seeking missiles," according to National Defense magazine.

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