The North Koreans have been uncharacteristically muted since Gulf War II began. Now they're getting back to their usual temper-tantrums."North Korea warned Wednesday that Japan would face 'self-destruction' if it puts a spy satellite into orbit," AFP reports. "Japan is due to launch its first two spy satellites on Friday, a move approved after North Korea fired a suspected medium-range Taepodong missile over the country into the Pacific in August 1998."In early March, Pyongyang launched a short-range, anti-ship missile into the Sea of Japan.THERE'S MORE: India and Pakistan are also reverting to their typically militaristic stances.India has just test-fired a surface-to-surface 28-foot Prithvi missile, which can carry a one-ton nuclear warhead 93 miles. Pakistan has responded by launching a short-range missile of its own, according to AFP.

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