Star-fuckers, breathe easy: there wasn't a single security breach at last night's Academy Awards.("Unless you count Chicago getting past the good taste detector," a Defense Tech reader quips.)It's all thanks to a Texas Instruments system, the company is kind enough to inform us."The nearly 11,000 authorized attendees, guests and staff were required to wear an ID card, issued in advance of the event, which contained a TI (radio frequency emitter)," according to the electronics maker. "Five-foot tall kiosks, containing a computer monitor, (radio frequency ID) reader, and encased computer server, were placed in strategic locations at the Kodak Theater (where the Awards were being held)... Within one half second of the card being read at the kiosks, security personnel had access to information about the cardholder, including a photograph, name, physical descriptors, security clearances, and the date and time the credentials were active."Phew!

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