At least 20 American soldiers are missing or have been killed after what American commanders are calling "the sharpest engagements of the war."Members of the U.S. Army's 507th Maintenance Company took a wrong turn and drove without an armored escort into the town of Nasiriya, along the Euphrates River. Their convoy was attacked by Iraqi tank fire. At least a dozen members of the 507th are missing.Later, the New York Times reports, "Marines attacked the city, and during a fierce battle with about 500 Iraqi defenders, a rocket propelled grenade struck a troop carrier, witnesses said, killing up to 10 soldiers."THERE'S MORE: According to the BBC, there has been heavy fighting in Northern Iraq, near the city of Irbil. The battle was between Iraqi soldiers trying to defect and a loyal army unit, the BBC says.AND MORE: Kuwaiti officials are saying that an American Patriot missile has once again intercepted an Iraqi missile over the emirate. This would be the 13th missile fired at Kuwait since the fighting began.AND MORE: Former military policeman Phil Carter has a fascinating analysis of the factors that lead to the ambush at Narisiya.

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