The American attack on Iraq started about an hour ago, CBS News is reporting. F-117 stealth bombers carrying GBU-27 bunker bustert bombs and Tomahawk cruise missiles -- likely sub-launched -- began hitting Baghdad shortly before dawn.CBS' David Martin labelled the initial strike -- reportedly aimed at the Iraqi leadership -- a "half-measure," similar to the air attacks launched by the Clinton Administration against Iraq. But there's sure to be more to come.Fighting on the ground has broken out as well, according to the Evening Standard. British and American forces targeted the the southern seaport of Basra, and became engaged in a "fierce" firefight. "At the same time," the paper reports, "allied troops were flooding into the demilitarised zone on the Iraqi border with Kuwait 40 miles away to take up positions for an all-out invasion."THERE'S MORE: The Associated Press has a good round-up of the weapons used in this first strike. And Government Executive reports from the USS Bunker Hill, which launched some of the Tomahawk missiles in this opening attack.

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