BRITISH DJs ROCK U.S. TROOPS "Every morning, thousands of US troops are roused from their sleeping bags by two British DJs broadcasting from a makeshift studio in a metal cargo container, parked on the edge of one of the biggest and busiest camps in Kuwait," the Times of London reports.

While the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) is willing to rough it in the desert and broadcast with their gas masks to hand, their American counterparts are holed up in a safe, air-conditioned complex thousands of miles from the front line...While BFBS pours out messages from families, friends and pets, and the football results, the American Forces Network laces all its programmes with a liberal assortment of propaganda and embarrassing tips about personal cleanliness.In the space of ten minutes yesterday, an American presenter droned on about the need for troops to take time to meditate OMake your mind your ally S how not to choke your children by feeding them peanuts and more than you should ever need to be told about washing your private parts-.
(via Cursor)THERE'S MORE: While British beats are more bangin', their equipment is wack, according to the Evening Standard.The paper reports, "Soldiers who could be fighting Saddam Hussein within days say they still want for a whole range of necessities, including proper clothing, vehicles and guns, forcing them to go cap-in-hand to US colleagues. Some even claimed to have no respirators to protect against chemical attack."
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