HOW TO HACK IRAQ Cutting Iraq off from the Internet would be childishly simple, Brian McWilliams reports for Salon."If the U.S. wants to (shut down all of) Iraq's access to the Internet, it need only give a nod to operators of a satellite farm in the woods west of Atlanta, or to a similar facility in the English countryside.An analysis of network records and routing patterns shows that Iraq's only Internet service provider, the State Company for Internet Services (SCIS), appears to send and receive nearly all of its traffic over satellite hookups provided by Atlanta International Teleport of Douglasville, Ga., and by SMS Internet of Rugby, Warwickshire."Iraq should be worried about more than the Bush Administration turning the juice off, though."A myriad of bugs and misconfigurations in its software make the embattled country's Internet-connected systems ripe for hack attacks," Williams notes. "Iraq's DNS servers, key machines that route traffic to various computers in a network, are misconfigured to allow 'zone transfers,' a reconnaissance technique used by hackers to target vulnerable machines."

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