CZECH COUNTRY RADIO BECOMES SECRET U.S. STATION Swedish radio buffs have discovered a new American propaganda radio station, the Wall Street Journal reports.Where once was an AM frequency transmitting country music from Prague, "Radio Tikrit" now resides. Aired in Arabic, and broadcasting in Iraq, the station was initially pro-Saddam. But lately, it has flipped completely, and is now calling Hussein a "tyrant."

This bizarre about-face, say radio aficionados, suggests that the station belongs to an exotic category of psychological operations known as "black clandestines."Unlike the U.S. military's Radio Information broadcasts into Iraq, which make no secret of their affiliations and include recordings of Pentagon briefings, covert "black" stations try, for a time at least, to imitate features of enemy broadcasts. By shifting direction later, they hope to unsettle the enemy and even create the impression that former loyalists have changed sides.
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