LOS ALAMOS SCIENTISTS MAD AS HELLKevin Vixie is livid.He's one of a number of scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory who are angry with Congress, for launching hearings this week into the allegations of fraud and Swiss cheese security that have already forced the lab's director to resign; with the Department of Energy, for imposing a series of increasingly baroque regulations on their actions; with the media, for continuing to harp on these charges; and with business leaders and former senior managers, whose ethical lapses, they feel, are the root of the lab's ongoing problems."I want to be here. I love being here. But I'm out of here, no question, if they continue to make it more difficult to be a scientist," said Vixie, a mathematician in the lab's top-secret X Division.My Wired News story has more on on why these people are so irate.

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