FIRED WHISTLEBLOWER NOW LABS' SECURITY CHIEFSteven Doran, one of two former police chiefs fired from Los Alamos National Laboratory after their investigations into fraud went too deep, will now oversee security for the entire University of California system, reports the Contra Costa Times.The University of California operates Los Alamos and two other labs on behalf of the Energy Department. Doran will supervise security at these three labs, and at all 10 University campuses.THERE'S MORE: Shortly after his Congressional testimony today, Doran lashed out at Los Alamos officials who have tried to downplay security gaps."After 9/11, any time you can go on lab property and not get approached by a guard, that's a serious problem," he said.Lab officers have said that they area I went into over the weekend wasn't an important facility. To that, Doran replied, "if it's not a big deal, why have a guard at all? Why not just open the gate?"

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