ISRAELIS WARNED OF AL QAEDA MISINFORMATION PUSHThe Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, warned the CIA that al Qaeda would mount a misinformation campaign to keep the American government in a state of twichy overreaction, according to Capitol Hill Blue.In a report nearly five months ago, the Israelis predicted that bin Laden's group would use captured al Qaeda operatives to spread lies designed to make Washington waste time and burn resources preparing for strikes that would never come.On Friday, an al Qaeda member in custody admitted that his story about the terrorists plotting a "dirty bomb" attack was a lie. The tale was one of the main motivators behind the U.S. government's escalation to a "high" terror alert status.

Totally unnecessary,g says an FBI agent who saw the Mossad report and recommended the Department of Homeland Security follow its recommendations. We ignored a valid assessment from an agency that has far more experience dealing with terrorism.i
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