LIMP CYBERSECURITY PLAN After months of revision, the White House has finaly unveiled its cybersecurity plan -- and it's a tootless tiger. Earlier drafts of the plan called for ISP's to create a centralized system to monitor the Internet, and required the providers to bundle firewalls and antivirus protection with their services. Now, after fevered lobbying from the tech industry, these initiatives are all voluntary.So are many other points of the plan. For example, the Washington Post notes, "Older versions of the plan suggested halting the use of wireless networks in federal and civilian agencies until their security was improved. The final version says only that federal agencies should follow wireless security guidelines outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology."Of course, it's hard to have federal mandates when there's isn't anyone to enforce them. White House cybersecurity chief Richard Clarke resigned two weeks ago. And other cyberdefense leadership positions at the Homeland Security Department remain unfilled.

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