TERRORISTS GOT GAMEThe American military has used video games for a long time to train officers and lure new recruits. Now, terrorist groups are beginning to make games of their own.The Jerusalem Post, replying on a report from Lebanon's Al-Anwar newspaper, says that the "special Internet unit" of the Hizbollah militant organization is building a shoot-em-up game, based on the "achievements of real resistance fighters."After a quick training mission, players will be able to use 9 mm pistols, Kalashnikov rifles, rocket propelled grenades, knives, and sniper rifles to attack the bases of Israel and her allies.The idea, says the Post, is to "counter the image of the 'invincible' all-American hero in games sold throughout the world."The game will go on sale later this month and be available in four languages - Arabic, English, French and Farsi.

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