NO ID NEEDED TO ENTER PENTAGON "More than 35members of the Pentagon Athletic Center no longer need to carry their ID cards to access the facility," reports Federal Computer Week. "All they need are their eyeballs."A Pentagon pilot program to identify people solely by scanning their irises is now in its final phase. It involves just a small group of people -- and a less than top-secret facility. But the idea is, eventually, to allow "authorized personnel to access Defense Department facilities and information networks around the globe without the use of PINs and passwords."There's no word from the Pentagon about when such a transition might take place.WHY THE GYM? "Not so much for security reasons," writes Phil Carter, who worked for the Pentagon's general counsel. "Its because a lot of officers hate to carry their IDs/badges with them when they run up the Potomac from the Pentagon. Now, you can do it without carrying anything with you.h I know that seems silly but when youre wearing skimpy shorts and a tanktop, its a pain to carry these things."

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