SOLDIERS' WATER SUPPLY IN DANGER? A long-ignored flaw in the American military's biochem defenses could lead to mass casualties, if Saddam unleashes poison strikes against U.S. troops."Although current protective clothing is designed to protect the troops' skin and respiratory systems from chemical and biological weapons, the troops water supply is not protected," writes Marine Corps Captain Bart Bacon at Soldiers for the Truth. "Troops could end up drinking the very contaminants (that) the (clothing) is designed to protect them (from).""Water buffaloes" " mobile tanks that troops use to fill their canteens are the weak link. As soldiers take water out, the air from the outside the buffalo displaces the water that is being withdrawn. On a contaminated battlefield, that air will contain toxic elements e elements that can make their way into the soldiers' drinking supply.There are no biochem filters on the buffaloes, Bacon reports. Nor are there plans to install them.

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