NEVER TOO HOT TO ATTACK IRAQ The idea that American forces have to attack Iraq before it gets too hot in the desert is a myth, according to Jane's Defense Weekly (article unavailable to non-subscribers).

Although, ideally, the UK and the USA would prefer not to have to fight in the hot summer months, they are capable of doing so. In a 23 January discussion with reporters, Gen Richard Myers, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, (said) that "weather is not a factor [in our war plans]. We've talked about this a great deal... there is no doubt that no matter what time of year, we can fight and prevail in that environment. We will do better in that environment than any potential adversary will.".
Both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps regularly train in the California desert, where temperatures approaching the Dante-esque levels of the Middle East. The U.S. will also likely fight at night, if there's a summertime battle.Gen Myers said, "We are as good at night as we are in the daytime. That is not true of most forces. It gives us a tremendous edge."Obviously, soldiers' suits protecting against chemical weapons are especially burdensome when the heat's turned up. But Jane's notes that "studies have found that even small measures such as placing the extremities in cold water can considerably transfer a lot of heat out of the suit(s)."
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