NAVY: TATTOOS NOW TABOO Like tomato sauce and pasta, like the Lone Ranger and Tonto, like J. Lo and that big ol' ass, sailors and their tattoos have long seemed like one of nature's unalterable combinations.But now, the U.S. Navy is putting the brakes on some tattoos and ornamentation, according to Stars and Stripes."Tattoos/body art/brands that are excessive, obscene, sexually explicit or advocate or symbolize sex, gender, racial, religious, ethnic or national origin discrimination are all out. So are forked tongues. So is branding, or "scarification."The other armed services also have limits on "ink." In the Air Force, taboo tattoos are ones that exceed one-fourth of the exposed body part. Marines can't have body art on the head or neck. Nor are they allowed "objects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation through their skin, tongue or any other body part.e"Mom" or "Semper Fi," written across the shoulder, are, presumably, still allowed.

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