NUKE LAB REHIRES NOT WHAT THEY SEEMIt seemed too good to be true: the Los Alamos National Laboratory investigators fired for finding out too much about the Lab's dirty dealings were being hired back -- with back pay, even.Now it turns out that the whistleblowers' rehires aren't all they're cracked up to be.The two investigators, Steven Doran and Glenn Walp, will not be digging up any new dirt in their new roles as consultants to the University of California, which operates the Lab for the Department of Energy."I'm not even allowed on Lab property," Doran tells Defense Tech.The University put the pair on the payroll on the same day the House Energy Committee sent a note to the school's president ordering him to rehire the investigators -- or face the consequences.Doran and Walp will review what they've found out already, and will go over their security, intelligence, and management concerns with University and federal investigators. After that, they're back out on the street, out of work.Doran says, "It could last a week, it could last a month. Then I'm back to looking for a job again."So much for happy endings.

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