NUKE STORAGE INSANITY AT LOS ALAMOSThere would seem to be fewer things crazier than chucking radioactive waste in a steel shack -- without making sure the place was safe first.But that's exactly what happened at the troubled Los Alamos National Laboratory.For more than five years the lab kept plutonium-contaminated materials in a prefab, light steel building, known as PF-185, before the waste was shipped to Los Alamos' primary storage area.But no one at the lab ever properly checked to see if PF-185 was a safe place to keep such dangerous material, government regulators assert. And that's a big problem, because at PF-185 there was enough plutonium, if combined together, to make a nuclear bomb.Check out my article at Wired News for the rest of the story.THERE'S MORE: "Personnel at Los Alamos National Laboratory today discovered that environmental monitoring equipment had been tampered with and that Laboratory property had been contaminated with an unknown, non-radioactive substance," according to a Los Alamos press release.For additional material on the ongoing scandals at Los Alamos, click here, here, here, and here.

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