NORTH KOREANS IN NEW MEXICO Two North Korean diplomats have flown to Santa Fe to meet with New Mexico Governor -- and former Clinton Administration Energy Secretary -- Bill Richardson.The North Koreans "have something to tell us, and they want to tell it to Richardson," a senior State Department official told the Los Angeles Times. "He's somebody the North Koreans feel comfortable talking to."Richardson had extensive dealings with Pyongyang, negotiating the release of a downed Army helicopter pilot in 1994.The last major Noth Korean flareup, during that same year, was defused when Pyongyang went outside official channels to cut a deal with former President Carter.UPDATE: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardon said, after his talks with North Korean officials, that Pyongyang wants "to solve the nuclear issue through dialogue." His North Korean counterpart's only reply, "I think the governor is a tough negotiator."

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