Man Fatally Shot at Gate of Remote Space Force Station Was Reportedly Armed

An overlook provides a hillside view of New Boston Air Force Station, New Hampshire.
An overlook provides a hillside view of New Boston Air Force Station, New Hampshire, home of the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, April 9, 2018. (Staff Sgt. Matthew Coleman-Foster/U.S. Air Force photo)

The man who was shot and killed outside of a remote Space Force station in New Hampshire arrived at the front gate with a gun and a knife, according to investigators. 

Michael Foley, 33, was fatally shot on Galaxy Way, an access road that leads to New Boston Space Force Station -- NBSFS -- on May 13. 

The Air Force concluded an investigation Aug. 8 and told in an email that Foley was shot "when he approached the NBSFS gate armed with a knife and gun and made threatening gestures toward a NBSFS contracted police officer," according to Stephen Brady -- a spokesman for the Space Force's Peterson-Schriever Garrison, which oversees New Boston Space Force Station.

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Foley also "had a gas can and propane tank in his vehicle, which was deemed a potential threat," Brady added.

He was killed at the scene by a "single gunshot wound" and the "manner of death is homicide," New Hampshire's Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Weinberg said in a press release.

A Use of Force Review Board followed the May shooting and was made up of Department of Defense representatives from security forces, the judge advocate office, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and other experts.

Military contractor Peter White -- who works with security company Lockwood Hills and was identified by the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office -- "acted within the scope of authority, current policy, and current procedures regarding the use of force," Brady said. 

New Boston police officer Shane Morton, who has served in law enforcement for five years, was also involved in the shooting. 

Both Morton and White fired their weapons, Brady said. It's still not clear who fired the fatal round.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is undertaking a second investigation into the incident, because it involved a local police officer. Those findings are supposed to be released sometime next month. 

New Boston is home to the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, which provides satellite capabilities to "more than 190 Department of Defense, national and civilian satellites performing intelligence, weather, navigation, early-warning and communications operations," according to the Space Force.

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