Commanding Officer of Navy Reserve Center Fired After Investigation

Cmdr. S. Scott Moss.
Capt. Scott Moss, who led the NOSC in Knoxville, was relieved of command by Capt. Dale Maxey. (Facebook/Maryville College Alumni)

The commanding officer of a Navy operational support center in Tennessee was removed from his job on Wednesday after officials lost confidence in his ability to lead.

Capt. Scott Moss, who led the NOSC in Knoxville, was relieved of command by Capt. Dale Maxey, the head of the Navy's Reserve Component Command Southeast Jacksonville, the service announced on Wednesday. Moss the subject of an investigation following an inspector general complaint, Cmdr. Ben Tisdale, a spokesman for Navy Reserve Force, said.

"The Navy Reserve has taken appropriate corrective actions to pursue accountability," he added. "Due to privacy concerns, it would be inappropriate to provide further information on the particulars of the investigation."

The Navy Operational Support Centers around the country are typically responsible for handling training and administrative requirements for reservists and hosting on-site drill periods. They also support families of deployed reservists supporting military operations worldwide.

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Moss declined a request for comment through his former command. He has been temporarily reassigned to Reserve Component Command Southeast Jacksonville.

Cmdr. Timothy Trimble has temporarily assumed command of the Knoxville NOSC until a permanent relief is assigned, officials said on Wednesday.

No one else was removed from their positions over the investigation into Moss, Tisdale said.

Moss was commissioned in 1998 as a naval flight officer. He reached the rank of captain in September and reported to the NOSC in Knoxville in July 2019.

He served with several fleet air reconnaissance squadrons before reporting to Navy Personnel Command in Tennessee ahead of his Knoxville assignment.

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