Space Force's Newest Ad Asks What's Ahead for Humanity

Space Force recruiting adversisement.
Space Force recruiting adversisement. (Screengrab from U.S. Space Force video)

The U.S. Space Force has debuted its newest ad, which asks new troops and potential recruits to think beyond what's possible here on Earth.

"I see exploration and courage. I see myself. The future is where I'll make history," the narrator, a young woman, says during the 30-second video, called "Make History."

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The first Space Force ad, "Purpose," revealed earlier this month, gave viewers a glimpse into what a Space Force job might look like. In the newest commercial, many Space Force members -- particularly women -- can be seen throughout the ad as the narrator ponders what's ahead for humanity and its future role in space.

One female leader looks over a digital network of some kind, as another appears in a space suit.

Officials have said the Space Force could eventually expand its mission beyond protecting earthbound warfighters by watching over assets like communications and GPS satellites, potentially even defending human space flights. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett hinted at the possibility in December.

"I see my country finding new horizons out there. And I see giant leaps making a comeback," the female narrator says in the commercial.

"Our job at the Air Force Recruiting Service is to establish the Space Force brand and identity," spokeswoman Leslie Brown said in a release. "The ad is intended to educate the general public about the Space Force mission and its people. It's also designed to inspire people to serve in the Space Force."

The ad comes as the application window for Air Force personnel to transfer into the newest military branch is about to close. The Space Force has received thousands of requests since it opened an application window May 1 for eligible active-duty airmen to transfer. The service's application program will close May 31, but there will be windows for the other services.

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