Sound Off: Who's Wearing a Mask?

Face Mask on a train
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The Pentagon is not messing around with its face mask rules at military installations around the world: Anyone who can't maintain at least six feet of physical distance is required to wear a mask at all times. End of discussion.

All exchanges and commissaries, even those located off base, require everyone to wear a mask. Again, no exceptions.

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Out here in civilian America, things are a bit more complicated. During our weekly remote editorial meeting, the subject of local mask etiquette came up, and there seems to be a wide variety of customs around the country.

Here in Georgia (home of America's first widespread reopening experiment), there seems to be quite a bit of open hostility toward those of us who choose to wear a mask in public. Yeah, you read that right. Evil eyes on the street, folks making a big deal of removing the masks they were required to put on before they were allowed into the grocery store, and a lot of honking and yelling at masked pedestrians from drivers.

A Washington, D.C.-based staffer reports a different vibe. Runners without masks are being hassled by mask-wearers, a situation that seems unimaginable here in Atlanta.

And then there's this going-viral encounter between a polite and patient Costco worker as he ejects a customer who refuses to follow the store's mask rules.

He thinks a mask compromises his freedom. Not sure if this guy allows his freedom to be compromised by things like automobile insurance, government IDs or "no shirt/no shoes/no service" signs, but he has decided that face masks are a political issue and he's not going to be one of the "sheep."

So, we're curious. What's the attitude toward face masks in your area? If you're living or working on a military installation, are people following the rules or rebelling against the orders? Are people where you live tolerant of others' choices? Are you? Let us know your thoughts.

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