Toys for Tots Tries to Make Children's Lives Happier During Pandemic


Even though Christmas is a long way off, the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots charity program is busy helping children in need across the country.

Children nationwide are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 lockdown orders, with schools closed, playdates canceled and organized sports on hold.

To help bring some joy into their lives, the charity has teamed up with Good360, a charitable distribution organization, to answer the call to help. Together, the charities hope to donate two million toys, games and books to families in need during these unprecedented times.

The donations will help families with children at home cope with boredom, assist with educational development, relieve anxiety and help return a sense of normality.

As many states are still limiting public interactions, the charities are seeking cash donations rather than their normal donations of toys. You can donate on the Toys for Tots website.

Since toys may not be a priority for many families who are facing hard economic times, the cash donations will also be used to replenish stocks of toys held by the charity to be distributed during the annual holiday season.

If you would like to request donated goods for yourself or another family in need, you should contact one of your local nonprofit organizations and ask whether it belongs to the Good360 network. If it does, ask whether it can apply on your behalf to receive toys from the program.

If your local nonprofit organization isn't a member of the Good360 network, ask whether it can register with the program and then apply on your behalf to receive toys. There is no charge for any charity to register with the network. More information is available on the Good360 website.

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