Your VA Bills Can Now Be Seen Online


Veterans now have access to their patient statements through the AccessVA website, officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs announced today.

The patient statement is what the VA calls your medical bill. Normally, you only get one when you receive treatment for non service-connected conditions.

Veterans will still get a patient statement mailed to them if they incur any charges for which they are responsible. But now they can also look them up online.

Although the bills are viewable online, veterans will need to visit a separate website to pay electronically. To pay online you'll need to create an account with a separate website,, where you will be able to make a payment using a card or bank account.

The AccessVA website gives veterans access to several different services besides your patient statement including MyHealtheVet, Million Veterans Program, a personalized benefits booklet and the ability to request a Veterans Identification Card. It does not currently give veterans access to eBenefits.

The AccessVA website still requires you to login to every application separately. You can login using your CAC Card, DS Login, or other methods.

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