Veterans Can Now Learn About Their Toxic Exposure Risks with New VA App


For veterans who think they were exposed to toxic substances during their service, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a mobile application that will help them answer questions about what this potential exposure means for their long-term health.

Originally designed for VA providers, Exposure Ed now lets anyone view a list of service-related exposures -- broken down by type, conflict and date or location of service. It also has a map veterans can use to find the closest VA facilities and exposure-related programs.

For example, veterans thinking they came into contact with the Vietnam-era herbicide Agent Orange can use the "Exposures" button on the home page for immediate access to a list of illnesses related to exposure. Or, veterans can input in the time and location they served to view everything they might have been exposed to.

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The last option sorts exposure risks by conflict, ranging from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn.

Through the app, users can find studies into the exposure, learn how to apply for benefits and connect with certain VA programs, like the "Agent Orange Registry Health Exam for Veterans."

There is no log-on needed to access the App's features, and it can be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Play on smartphones or tablets. It can also be accessed through the VA's mobile app website.

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