For Demi Moore, ‘Top Gun’ Is the Movie That Got Away

Kelly McGillis played Charlie Blackwood in "Top Gun" after Demi Moore didn't get the part.

Demi Moore made a confession last week: She's never really gotten over the fact that she lost the role of Charlie Blackwood in "Top Gun" to Kelly McGillis.

Moore has a new memoir called "Inside Out," and she visited the Howard Stern radio show to promote the book, sharing her thoughts with his listeners.

"I think the first audition was great and the screen test, I shanked, I got in my head," she said. "I think I just got nervous of the whole, and I didn't own it."

Once the movie came out and she saw the finished product, Moore believed she would've been perfect for the role and felt even worse about losing the part. "But in my beating myself up, it then just reinforced the idea that I didn't think I was good enough," she revealed.

Ultimately, she likes to attribute the missed opportunity to "just the timing of things."

Of course, Moore went on to nail an audition with director Ridley Scott for the iconic lead role in "G.I. Jane."

Moore told Stern that she participated in actual SEAL training to prep for the role.

During that preparation, she learned that taking vitamins on an empty stomach before a workout is a bad idea. "Haul ass, mile run straight out, me and 40 guys," she said. "And I, like, cross the finish line, literally take a right turn, puke my guts out."

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