'Addiction Unplugged': PTSD and the Opioid Crisis

"Addiction Unplugged" (A&E Network)

A&E Network is launching a new series called "Addiction Unplugged" that puts a spotlight on the opioid epidemic, the most devastating in United States history. The first episode airs at 1 p.m. ET Saturday, and the show will repeat on the FYI network.

The series was created and produced by Stuart Goffman, a veteran of the addiction treatment community, along with the Emmy-winning production team of Allen J. West and Brandon Dumlao of Subculture Filmworks.

In advance of the premiere, we've got a clip from the "Wounds of War" episode. Combat veterans are one of the largest at-risk groups for opioid addiction, both from injuries sustained in the field or as a result of PTSD.

    Over the course of its run, the series will explore how the addiction has infiltrated all classes of American life. Other episodes will feature millennials, athletes, college students, celebrities, young professionals, former CEOs and lawyers, high-level executives, first responders, teachers and soccer moms/little league dads. Check out the trailer for the series below.

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