VA Continues to Update Disability Rating Schedule


The Department of Veterans Affairs continues to update its Schedule of Rating Disabilities (VASRD) to bring it into line with modern medical science. The most recent portion of the disability schedule to be updated is the section covering infectious diseases, immune disorders and nutritional deficiencies.

The federal regulation for the disability rating criteria is being rewritten to update medical terms and more accurately reflect the changes that medicine and treatment have undergone since the original code was written in 1945.

This most recent update is the seventh section to be updated since September 2017. There are a total of 15 regulations in the VA's rating schedule covering different diseases and sections of the human body. The new rating schedule for infectious diseases, immune disorders and nutritional deficiencies joins updates for dental and oral conditions; conditions related to the endocrine system; gynecological conditions and disorders of the breast; diseases of the eye; skin conditions; and the hematologic and lymphatic systems.

The VA uses the collection of federal regulations to determine exactly what is considered a disability related to military service and to compute any disability compensation payments.

"VA is in the process of updating all 15 body systems of the VASRD to more accurately reflect modern medicine and provide veterans with clearer rating decisions," said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. "By updating the rating schedule, veterans receive decisions based on the most current medical knowledge of their condition."

The VA says that claims pending prior to Aug. 11, 2019, will be considered under both the old and new rating criteria, with the veteran receiving the most favorable rating. Claims filed on or after Aug. 11 will be rated under the new schedule.

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