Redesign of myPay Website Promises Many Improvements

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The next time you log into myPay, you may notice a few differences. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is redesigning the myPay website to make it easier to use on both mobile devices and computers.

The redesign will offer an uncluttered design and move the navigation menu to the left side of the screen with simple-to-understand categories that give you easier access to all your pay information.

The redesign will modernize the website, making it look more like other online financial sites you are used to seeing. The login area will move to the right of the screen, and there will be a banner with important information and quick links at the top of the page.

The revamp also adds more graphics and color to the page to make it easier to find everything you need to complete pay transactions, view pay information, and download documents.

Another major part of the redesign will make it easier to use myPay on your mobile device. The menus and screens will now resize themselves and adjust to the screen size of your mobile device.

The redesign is scheduled to go live May 4.

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