New Rules: High-and-Tights for Sailors Who Serve With Marines

U.S. Navy medical personnel treat a simulated casualty during a mass casualty exercise at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, Dec. 23, 2015. (U.S. Marine Corps/Sgt. Rick Hurtado)
U.S. Navy medical personnel treat a simulated casualty during a mass casualty exercise at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, Dec. 23, 2015. (U.S. Marine Corps/Sgt. Rick Hurtado)

Navy corpsmen will no longer be exempt from Marine first sergeants' orders to police their mustaches.

Sailors wearing Marine Corps uniforms are now subject to that service's grooming standards, officials announced Friday in a slew of new standards announcements. That could mean corpsmen, chaplains and other Navy personnel sporting those Marine-pattern cammies might need to hit the barber shop for their first high-and-tight haircut.

Also on the way are new safety boots, slacks and skirts for officers and chief petty officers, and the go-ahead to wear the coyote-brown ball cap with certain uniforms.

Here's what sailors need to know about the new policies.

USMC regs for some

Any sailor sporting Marine-pattern cammies needs to be prepared to follow the leathernecks' grooming standards.

"Effective immediately, sailors assigned to U.S. Marine Corps units who wear the Marine Corps uniform will abide by Marine Corps grooming standards," Navy administrative message 233/18 states.

Navy officials did not immediately respond to questions about whether that was a request from Marine leaders.

Check your jewelry and nails

Eccentric rings and bracelets -- including thumb rings and brightly colored bracelets -- are a no-go in uniform. Rings and bracelets can only be gold, silver, copper, gray, tan, brown, black, white or light pink, according to the NAVADMIN.

They must be made of certain materials, like natural metals, wood, plastic or silicone. Rings are limited to one per hand, with the exception of wedding-engagement ring sets or double-stacked wedding rings with academy or educational sets.

Women must keep their nails trimmed to a quarter inch with round or oval shapes. Men's nails can't extend past their fingertips.

Women are allowed to wear conservative nail polishes. Anything considered decorative or loud, including glitter, stripes, purple, yellow or green nail polish, is off limits.

Improved safety boots

Sailors are just days away from being able to purchase an improved general-safety boot, or I Boot 4.

The new boot, which was developed with sailors' feedback in mind, will be available for purchase Oct. 1. It's meant to be more comfortable and durable than older models, and includes a padded foam collar, moisture-wicking liner and slip-resistant soles.

Sailors and officers can pick them up next week in Norfolk, Virginia; San Diego; Jacksonville, Florida; Yokosuka, Japan; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Newport, Rhode Island; and Great Lakes, Illinois.

New skirts and slacks

Wear tests for female officers and chief petty officers have wrapped up, resulting in "an improved design of the lower waist and reduced rise service uniform slacks and straight line service uniform skirt," the NAVADMIN states.

Women can expect to buy these new uniform items at designated uniform centers by the end of 2018. More details will be announced when they become available.

Ball caps and T-shirts

Effective immediately, commanding officers are authorized to allow the coyote-brown ball cap to be worn with coveralls and flight suits.

Command logos are also allowed -- per a CO's authorization -- on T-shirts worn with all working and utility uniforms.

"Command logos may be applied via heat transfer, silk screen or embroidery to 100 percent cotton T-shirts that are either navy blue, coyote brown or black in color (as authorized with each uniform)," the NAVADMIN states. "Logos may be worn on the front and back of T-shirts that are in good taste, enhance unit esprit de corps and reflect well upon the Navy and the unit they represent."

More details about the proper placement and styles of authorized logos can be found in the administrative message.

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