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First Two Marines Punished in Facebook Probe; Dozens More Investigated

  • I hate to break it to the folks at the Pentagon, but troops talk about everyone in their unit and higher up the chain. When I was deployed it came up a lot. We followed orders but that did not stop us from saying not-so-nice things about some people. As far as I am concerned, it's a enlisted puke's right as long as they do their job. -- KevinB
  • For all you guys out there who don't see anything wrong with people posting compromising pictures without the subjects' permission or knowledge -- how would you like it if the 'nekid woman' was your wife or daughter or sister or mother? -- DaveC0121

US Launches Cruise Missile Strike on Syria

  • I'm sorry, but Syria is honestly none of the United States' business, at least at this moment. Let us deal with Iraq's Islamic State threat first before trying to stabilize its neighbor. -- R. Arandas
  • OK, Trump went around the conventional use of weapons or not getting an OK from Congress. But as far as This American is concerned, it's about time that Assad was put down. We should have hit more of their airfields and military bases. The only thing we have to contend with is Russia. -- mym1a1

Carrier Strike Group Sails Toward Korea After North's Missile Test

  • At this time, I think the North Koreans are shaking in their boots. Hopefully, the Carl Vinson has embarked with Seal Team #6 that they could deploy with mini Subs to take out the North Korean tunnels. They could infiltrate among the locals and strike when least expected. -- TeXan1111
  • Unless the entire SEAL team looked like and spoke in the dialect of the local region, they won't make it past the beaches. The US has spent a lot of money since '53 on advisers for the South Korean military. If there is to be a conflict, it might be time to see how well spent that money has been. -- rr02

McMaster Urges Russia to Rethink Syria Support

  • The real problem, faced by both Obama and now Trump, is that Russia will be loathe to give up their only warm-water port at Tartus, or the Khmeimim Air Base they currently use. -- PolicyWonk
  • These days it is difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. By this, I mean I have heard that it wasn't Assad that did this. That Assad is against ISIS, so why kill his own people? -- 31161630

North Korea Calls US Aircraft Carrier Dispatch Outrageous

  • Funny, this "outrage" from that fat little psychopath and his robotic military. They wrote the book on outrageous behavior. Were it not for the poor, ignorant and essentially captive civilian population, I'd say put B-52/B-1 and every available source of firepower onto every sat-confirmed military facility in N. Korea, and literally eliminate their capability to threaten anyone. -- Timothy Votaw
  • Both China and North Korea would love to have us out of the area so they can exert greater influence over the free countries. NK knows we have no reason to invade at the present time; it's mostly tough talk and posturing except for the fact that if we pulled out of South Korea, the North would invade in a heartbeat. -- Big Bruce

The Marine Corps Just Spent $6 Million on a War Tool Invented in a Barracks

  • Soooo, do the jarheads who developed and invented this device have ownership rights? If not, why? At the very least they should be entitled to a majority cut of all profits and monies generated by their invention. Cutting the grunt inventors out of the deal is not only bad for morale, it is flat out stealing, IMO. -- Jsmith
  • I hope the US government doesn't try to sell this technology to our adversaries for a quick buck. That would defeat its purpose to have an edge over them, but the government especially now doesn't think rationally they only think of the quick buck. -- steve

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