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Army Leaders told Congress that the return of sequestration will delay efforts to add active protection to the M1 Abrams tank other armored vehicles. (Photo: Army)
Army Leaders told Congress that the return of sequestration will delay efforts to add active protection to the M1 Abrams tank other armored vehicles. (Photo: Army)

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These Foreign Tanks Now Match the M1 Abrams, US General Says

  • Even if the abrams isn't the number 1 tank in the world and it likely still is, we outnumber the enemy in battles and combined with ground and air support, a tank battle against the US is a suicidal form of combat. -- John
  • The sky is falling! Just a few years ago we were told the Abrams was at least a decade more advanced and capable of anything on the battlefield. Now it's just about equal? -- RiverMikeRat

Chaplain Group: Army's Diversity Directive an 'Assault' on Beliefs

  • Homosexuality is not a sin. It is in fact, one of the gifts of God, since God only bestows it upon a select few people. There is a reason why the Roman Catholic Church "encouraged" gay men to become priests, the same reason why gay men are often the shaman of several indigenous religions in the Americas. Gay men are naturally connected to the spiritual world. -- Boxer
  • I have never read more unadulterated BS is my life. The Catholic Church has been found to be the home and a protected one of sexual perverts who were destroying little boys lives for their sexual gratification.Homosexuality as it is called now to be politically correct use to be trem something far less nice and for a very good reason. -- bulldurham48

Did the Air Force Dash Hopes for Building More F-22s?

  • What we need to do is improve all the old fighters we have in every way. As for the F22 model they should figure out ways to make it more cost effective without having to lose its air superiority. Its definitely a beautiful jet with a great design. -- Sevenramhorns
  • Production of the F-22 was cut short because the F-35 was supposed to be cheaper and more capable. Of course as soon as F-22 production was stopped the F-35 problems were announced. -- 27440113

Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies

  • There is a natural reason that the brain does not function at peak levels for extended periods of time. There is also a biological necessity for sleep. I can understand performance enhancement for the rare life or death situations, but unfortunately this has abuse written all over it. -- Angie Nathan
  • The scary part is potential side effects of creating a super soldier. The other scary part, is that the liberals around the world have let so much go to crap - that we need super soldiers to clean up the catastrophic mess they've made of things. -- 1911

Coast Guard to Congress: Don't Move Us to Pentagon

  • Bad idea. If the CG boards a vessel at sea it is an 'Inspection'. If the Navy boards a ship at sea it is an act of war. The worst move they ever made was placing the Coasties to the Dept. of Transportation. We were a red headed stepchild in DOT. -- Roger in Republic
  • Posse Comitatus doesn't apply to the Coast Guard because they are not in the DOD. This allows CG officers to do things DOD officers are forbidden to do by their oaths. -- larryPTL

Noted Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant Faces 15 UCMJ Charges

  • Wow, from the looks of can take the homeboy out of the barrio, but you can't take the crook out of the homeboy. Maybe the AF should look at their recruitment policies? -- Gorthaur Eternus
  • As a retired SMSgt, it always saddens me a great deal whenever these things happen... whether it involves an NCO or an officer. We live in an age when everything, and everyone is disposable. We have a tendency in this country to celebrate the rise of people (such as gang member to Command Chief), but are also blood-thirsty in watching their fall and demise like it's some kind of spectator sport. -- Dan McFarland

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