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Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

House Committee Moves To Loosen Gun Purchase Rules For Vets

  • If you want to save the trouble of looking like a complete idiot by posting something nasty about the author and falsely accusing democrats of taking your guns away, do the world a favor and look into WHY somebody would have a court appoint a Fiduciary on their behalf in the first place. Then tell me you would gladly trust that person with a weapon. -- Lima Charlie
  • The entire 2nd amendment should be eliminated so only law enforcement and ACTIVE military have the right to bear arms. Let the wannabe militia boys play with toy cap guns. -- Dan M. Ketter

Trump: Germany's Lower NATO Dues 'Unfair' to US

  • The fact that the media is complicit and doesn't seem to mind that countries aren't paying their fair share just blows my mind... The nerve of countries that aren't paying up yet complaining also blows my mind. My mind isn't having a good day. -- Jericho Snaxxx
  • A strong NATO is as important now as it was during the cold War. I agree that EVERY nation should provide a 2% upkeep. We cannot afford to alienate our allies. I propose an incremental increase so those lagging behind can meet the monetary requirement over a few (short) years. -- Jeffrey M. Shealy

Federal Judge in Hawaii Puts Trump Travel Ban on Hold

  • Trump is being too nice. Obama just ignored various judges' various orders. After all what can the judge do - nothing, except fume and rant, which they did about Obama, but he didn't care. -- gunbunny476
  • It appears that no one here understands the reason for the travel ban and why the included countries were selected. The explanation is really simple. Those countries do not vet (or poorly vet) people traveling to the US, so there is no reliable way for US officials to vet the travelers without verifiable paperwork. -- M1911jim

US Mulls Sending 1,000 More Troops into Syria

  • We should keep no ISIS prisoners (aside for intel gathering) turn them over to the Iraqi forces and let them decide what to do with them (I'm sure they won't be handled with white gloves the way we handle them). -- Amanda B
  • When will we stop feeding the bodies of our young people into this endless meat grinder? We should be like Switzerland, garrison our own country, build up our internal defenses, pray for peace and prepare for war. -- Gorthaur Eternus

Intel Senators: No Indication Trump Tower Was Surveilled

  • So in other words, Trump lied. Again. After all the convoluted spin is done and over, what everybody in Congress and in the intelligence agencies are saying is that no surveillance was done and that Trump blatantly lied. The fact that he could have ordered the FBI and other agencies to declassify and produce the evidence at any time shows that there isn't any evidence and that he lied. Again. -- DaveC0121
  • I believe the good senators said that there was no evidence of surveillance on the part of the U.S. Government. Apparently, the door is still open in respect to foreign state actors, allies of the U.S. Government or hackers for hire. None of the previous group were mentioned in the senators' brief statement. -- Jeffrey M. Shealy

Bill Enabling Gun Sales to 'Mentally Incompetent' Vets Draws Criticism

  • There is no medical link between the ability of a veteran effectively handling his/her money and their ability to function in society AND exercise their second amendment rights. -- LeeMSgt
  • I knew a Viet Nam Vet that was all messed up in the head and his wife asked me if she should get him a weapon that he wanted for Christmas. I said NO! I love the guy to death but the public would be in danger if this guy was armed. He wasn't going to go Rambo or anything he just was not competent enough anymore. -- dkgiovenco

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