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Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, center, is escorted into a courthouse in Fort Meade, Md., in November.

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

Vets Slam Obama's Decision to Shorten Manning's Sentence

  • Actually, a good move on Obama's part. Now the Army can give him a dishonorable discharge which cuts him off from VA benefits and he doesn't get free gender reassignment survey at taxpayer's expense out of either the Army's budget or the VA's budget. The administration had no choice on paying for the gender change surgery if he stayed in prison. -- EdZachary
  • This is one of the few things I will not back President Obama on. Manning stole classified material and gave it to WikiLeaks, and was sentenced to 35 years. However because Manning is going through a sex change, and attempted suicide twice and went on a hunger strike, Mr. Obama commutes Manning's sentence. -- shawn_mcfadden

Army Picks Sig Sauer's P320 Handgun to Replace M9 Service Pistol

  • The handgun had to stay 9mm for a host of reasons. However replacing the Beretta is a waist time and money. The money that will be spent for training for the new weapon will be a waist and the new weapon weapon will most likely require a new holster again a waist. -- Michael8521409
  • The Sig would not have been my first choice having had a bad experience with my own Sig P228. But at least they did choose something that is pretty lightweight and striker fired. -- Former Deputy

Silencer Business Booms as Deregulation Bill Heads for Debate

  • Purely from a safety perspective, this is a great idea. In many European countries, suppressors are mandatory. Of course, over there, firearms are much more tightly regulated. -- Motive25
  • This is very sad, why would anyone needs a gun suppressor unless they plan on killing their spouse without awaking the baby. The hold point of having a loud shotgun is to scare the hell of a burglar incase you miss. -- DrillSgt8689

Trump Taps Former Congresswoman, Academy Grad as SecAF

  • We need a true service member in there, not a politician. Someone who has at least served after 9/11 to understand what the Airmen have been, and are, going through. -- BroncoFan
  • Frankly I don't care who leads the Air Force or any other branch of the military. Our military service members will continue to do a great job no matter who leads them. -- DrillSgt8689

Trump-Tapped Group Proposes Sweeping VA Reforms

  • We can all appreciate the fact that over 40% of veterans reside in rural areas quite distant from VA facilities. The issue for that large group is access to care. The VA CAN AND SHOULD allow all vets to seek care near where they live and work. -- docbrewster
  • The Choice program is a joke and huge waste of taxpayer money. A better plan needs to be developed because Choice is not the answer. Vets are still waiting long periods to get appointments with civilian providers. The VA needs more providers and direct care personnel. -- 9007295

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