Security Forces Airman from Air Force Academy to Face Court-Martial

Air Force Academy Chapel in the winter (U.S. Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan)
Air Force Academy Chapel (U.S. Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan)

A security forces airman at the Air Force Academy will face court-martial in March on charges including sexual assault and drug dealing.

Airman 1st Class Christian Flores also is accused of attempted robbery, assault and using drugs, according to court papers released to The Gazette on Tuesday.

If convicted on all 20 counts, he would face a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

The rape counts include an allegation that he raped a woman "on divers occasions" over a 21-month period that ended in September of 2015, court papers show.

Flores, who joined the Air Force in 2012, is a member of the 10th Security Forces Squadron, which acts as the academy's police force.

Charges accuse Flores of dealing marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone and psychedelic mushrooms. Three charges allege he joined in a conspiracy to deal drugs with another airman, whose name was redacted from the court papers.

He's also charged with using cocaine and marijuana, which remains illegal under military law despite Colorado's move to allow recreational pot use.

He was jailed in August after the charges were filed, court papers show.

Seven of the counts against Flores allege assault, claiming he pushed, punched, grabbed, throttled and pulled a firearm and a knife on an unnamed victim on multiple occasions.

While most of the charges offer a wide time-frame for Flores's alleged misconduct, two of the counts center on a December 13, 2015 incident.

Prosecutors allege that Flores "unlawfully entered" a dwelling and pulled a gun during an attempted robbery.

Flores is scheduled to face a court-martial on March 13.

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