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President-elect Donald Trump. John Locher/AP
President-elect Donald Trump. John Locher/AP

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

Trump Calls CIA's Russia Assessment 'Ridiculous'

  • "Remember in 2012 when Obama mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting Russia was our top geopolitical foe, then he and Clinton gave Russia the reset button and was caught on a hot mic that the U.S. would be more flexible after the election? He was lost then and continues to wander in darkness as a loser in chief." -- SwiftBoatSailor
  • "1) Clinton, not Trump, received the most number of votes and so represents the will of "We the People." (And don't trot out the bull about illegal voters. No one has been able to produce any evidence and all the election officials -- both Republican and Democratic -- have refuted it. 2) This is not a partisan issue; all Americans should be outraged at the interference in our elections by a foreign and unfriendly power that is obviously seeking to subvert our democratic processes. 3) No one is laying the hacking at Trump's door, but rather that of his good friend Putin. 4) Why do you believe Russia and Russian stooges rather than our intelligence agencies, all of whom have said there was Russian hacking." -- DaveC0121

Army, Marine Corps in No Rush to Chamber a Common 5.56mm Round

  • "What a shame. The 5.56 is a puny round to begin with, but to have two versions of it is nonsense." -- Bill Babbitt
  • "This is a tempest in a teapot. All the rifles used by both the Army and the Marines will chamber and fire this round. Maybe one costs more than the other and therein lies the core of the squabble." -- Bloodaxe
  • "If the military wants to unload either 5.56 or 7.62 NATO rounds... they can just send them my way. I'll consider it sort of like … a tax refund ;-)" -- erichnunya

Trump Says Cancel New Air Force One: Costs 'Out of Control'

  • "Looking at this from a strictly business perspective, which is something Trump does well, I suspect he's calling out the cost overruns that are so common in government contracting. Looking at it from a business perspective, do we really need new planes? If so, why this plane? Why the price tag? I suspect Trump is pretty savvy to the actual pricing these planes go for new, even with the additional equipment needed for the POTUS, and he's calling bull. If you want to cut government spending bloat, it makes sense to stop paying two to five times as much for items just because it's for the government. That's what these contractors do well. They over charge, typically do a crappy job, and leave with their pockets loaded and the job half-ass done. We wouldn't put up with that, if it was a contractor working on our house. Why is it ok, when it's for the government?" -- Tommymommy
  • "I worked on the current Air Force One and I can assure you there is a lot more to that plane than a sat phone and a comfortable seat. Enough said. If the president elect wants to keep cost overruns down, he will need to stay on top of the Pentagon and Boeing. They're both guilty of driving up the cost." -- Deplorable_2016

Obama Defends Record as Commander-in-Chief

  • "There is no defense for Obama's strategy of deserting his post in the middle of complex reconstruction efforts that were fought for and won. He deserted his post at the worst possible time permitting Muslim terrorists to re-establish their positions and gain new strength. He was an absolute failure as Commander-in-Chief and I can't imagine the crowd he was speaking to felt any different." -- DannyHansen
  • "ISIS was there long before he got in office. Obama did knock a dent in them by killing so many of their leaders. I would like to see if the next president can do better at creating jobs, ending wars, and making our economy stronger." -- wtpworrier

North Korea Close to Having Nuclear-Armed ICBM: Official

  • "Now this is no surprise, even though our experts claimed that it would be years before North Korea could develop a tip that small. It goes with our CIA intel, which really sucks." -- Falcon
  • "I have been waiting for the collapse of North Korea for nearly 50 years. I served on the demilitarized zone for 15 months in 1967-68. Very little changes in NK over time. If a collapse was going to happen, it would have already occurred. Kim and his family are crazy. That will not change in my opinion. The best fix for the problem is a sniper or drone strike directly towards Kim, but make double sure he is killed, and blame it on someone else. Get the regime out and the NK people will be receptive to a reasonable reunification with democracy." -- SgtGLH

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