Air Force Investigator Goes to Prison for Molesting Girl

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A former Air Force investigator was ordered Monday to serve four and a half years in prison for having "secret snuggle time" with an 11-year-old girl.

David Alan Schwartz, 36, of Woodbridge was sentenced in Stafford County Circuit Court to 15 years with all but four and a half suspended. He previously pleaded guilty to object sexual penetration.

According to prosecutor Michael Hardiman, Schwartz was an investigator with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations when he went to a bonfire at the victim's home in Stafford on Oct. 30 of last year. He is no longer in the military.

Schwartz knew the victim's mother from high school and was a friend of the family, Hardiman said.

At the end of the Oct. 30 gathering, according to the evidence, Schwartz asked the mother if he could spend the night at her home because he had had too much to drink. The mother agreed, and her daughter took Schwartz into the home to show him where he'd be sleeping.

At some point later, Schwartz climbed into the girl's loft bed and touched her private area and her chest. He told the child not to tell anyone and referred to the incident as their "secret snuggle time."

Hardiman said the child kept the secret until about a month later when she was preparing to go to a birthday gathering with her mother. Hardiman said the child "freaked out" after learning that Schwartz was also going to be there and told her mother about the Oct. 30 incident.

Schwartz was initially also charged with aggravated sexual battery, but that charge was later dropped. Hardiman said there were no other incidents involving Schwartz and the girl.

He added that the Air Force later contacted other children Schwartz had contact with as part of his job, but came across no other molestation victims.

Schwartz, who was represented by attorney Ghislaine Storr Burks, blamed alcohol and other medication for his bad judgment that evening. But Hardiman argued that it was clear Schwartz knew he was doing something wrong because he told the girl not to tell anyone.

Schwartz is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

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