93-Year-Old Veteran Recognizes Self in 1938 Time Capsule Class Photo


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — A nonagenarian says he was one of the middle school students pictured in a photo found in a time capsule that had been buried for more than 70 years in northeast Ohio.

Strongsville City Schools on Friday said demolition crews dug up a time capsule from 1938 at Center Middle School, about 15 miles southwest of Cleveland.

Rodney Wheller tells WJW-TV his daughter-in-law called him and said a picture with him and all his classmates had been unearthed.

The 93-year-old suburban Cleveland man says he remembers many of his old classmates from the Class of 1940, but lost track of a lot of them after joining the U.S. Army and fighting in World War II.

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