Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany Implements New Gate Access Measure

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany sign (Photo: DoD)
Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany sign (Photo: DoD)

MCLB-ALBANY -- An access control system implemented at Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany designed for increased safety will make it necessary to confiscate contractor-vendor identification badges issued by the installation on May 1.

The system, called RAPIDGate, uses handheld scanners designed to maintain safety and security while providing greater efficiency for vetting. Testing of the scanners to ensure proper functionality and procedures started on Feb. 8, beginning on a random basis and then going into non-peak hours.

Officers with the Marine Corps Police Department at MCLB-Albany have been trained in the system, which uses devices that scan, read and verify a wide variety of identification cards including Department of Defense common access cards, DoD retired and military dependent cards, U.S. and Canadian driver's licenses, and identification cards to determine authenticity and perform background checks on the licenseholder.

"RAPIDGate is an added layer of security that augments what we are already doing," said Sean Lamonzs, assistant chief of police at the Marine Corps Police Department at MCLB-Albany. "RAPIDGate is a very efficient system. It eases the burden on who is coming on base and who is not."

Patrons with credentialed access to the installation will not be impacted, but non-military personnel such as vendors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and service providers who require frequent access to the installation are currently enrolling in the RAPIDGate program. After May 1, individuals will have to either register for RAPIDGate or be sponsored to obtain a temporary pass up to four days from the Pass and ID Office.

Base officials said they are encouraging any contractors or service providers regularly doing business with the base to enroll in the RAPIDGate program, as those not registering for RAPIDGate can anticipate long wait times and frequent visits to the Pass and ID Office to obtain temporary passes. The RAPIDGate program is expected to allow for expedited vetting onto the installation for the duration of their contract for up to one year, or 90 days depending on the specific enrollment period requested by the company, MCLB said.

MCLB-Albany officials said the program supports the DoD security requirements while offering streamlined access procedures. A RAPIDGate card is meant to allow long-term credentialing with annual online recertification, unescorted access and multiple access times. The program requires installation approval for new and existing personnel who require routine access to the installation yet are not authorized to receive a Common Access Card.

Officials said an assisted registration kiosk for RAPIDGate is currently located at the Pass and ID Office, adjacent to the main gate, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m on weekdays, and an unassisted kiosk is located at Production Plant Albany during the same hours. Individuals will receive a background check and be notified via email when their badge is ready for pickup, if approved.

It takes about two to three weeks for the badges to be ready for pickup, installation officials said.

Companies and service providers may initiate enrollment by calling 1-877-RAPIDGate (1-877-727-4342) or email questions regarding access control changes to Assisted registration at a company's location may be available if there are 50 or more employees to register. Further enrollment information is available at

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