Artillery Propellant Test Burns Begin at Camp Minden

Camp Minden. (Louisiana National Guard photo)
Camp Minden. (Louisiana National Guard photo)

MINDEN, La. — The Louisiana National Guard says there's been a successful test burn of potentially explosive artillery propellant stored at Camp Minden.

It says Explosive Service International of Baton Rouge burned 88 pounds of the M6 propellant at Camp Minden on Wednesday, using a chamber designed and built to contain any pollution.

A news release says 30 days of tests will increase the load from Wednesday's 10 percent to the full 800-plus pounds.

Officials say emissions will be tested over seven days in mid-May, and the system will then be shut down until results are in.

Officials say the chamber's expected to begin burning full loads, 24 hours a day, in early June.

Sixteen million pounds of improperly stored M6 were found at Camp Minden in 2012 after explosions rocked the complex.

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